Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Uppsala University: Position for Chair in NT Exegesis

I have just received news of the following appointment.

Uppsala University
hereby declares the following position to be open for application:
Chair in New Testament Exegesis at the Department of Theology.
Starting January 1, 2010.

Job description:
Responsibility for research and education at the postgraduate level within the subject area of New Testament exegesis and development with the same area. Teaching and thesis supervision at the doctoral level, and advanced and undergraduate level which also may include interdisciplinary teaching. Individual research. Information concerning research and program development and participation in the planning of research projects. Planning (including attracting external funding), management of and participation in research projects.

Administrative assignments, including management assignments within the Department and Faculty of Theology and in other levels at Uppsala University may also occur.

Eligibility requirements:
Pursuant to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance (HF 4 c 5 §), an applicant is qualified for the position of Professor if he or she has demonstrated both scholarly accomplishments and teaching skills. Further, the Uppsala University Hiring Ordinance states that general eligibility for teaching posts includes the broad ability necessary to carry out the duties of the position in full. The University Ordinance requires further that, in order to be appointed Professor, an applicant must have demonstrated scholarly accomplishments through independent research work considerably greater than those required for the title of Associate Professor (Reader/Docent). Experience in planning and directing research projects will also be taken into account. The Ordinance also requires that, for appointment as Professor, the applicant must have demonstrated the teaching ability necessary for the post and furthermore, unless special circumstances obtain, must have completed a training program in college teaching relevant for teaching at the University. The appraisal of teaching skills covers the planning, execution and evaluation of teaching, as well as thesis supervision and

The ability to teach in Swedish or English is a requirement. A successful applicant without knowledge of Swedish will be expected to be able to teach and to take part in departmental meetings in Swedish within two years.

Assessment criteria:
In the appointment primary consideration will be given to academic competence and teaching skills, with special attention paid to academic competence, including the ability to work interdisciplinary within the Faculty of Theology. However, these assessment criteria will be weighed in such a way that an applicant who is judged to be a much more skillful teacher than a somewhat more academically qualified applicant could be ranked higher than the latter applicant.

Equal care will be taken in scrutinizing teaching skills and academic competence. Academic competence is primary assessed after weighing quality and quantity of the referred academic work, consideration paid to depth and range.

Academic qualifications to be considered are the extent of independency of initiate and managing research projects and to contribute to an international academic discussion by publishing in international journals or by publishing monographies and anthologies primary in international well-known publishing houses. In assessing pedagogical skills, consideration will be paid to documented experience of the planning, execution and evaluation of teaching, as well as of examination and thesis supervision. Documented experience of pedagogical development work and pedagogical management will be considered. For more information, see ‘Guidelines for Hiring Teachers,' Chapter 7, Guidelines for Assessing Qualifications of
Teachers .

Assessment criteria, other skills: In addition to the criteria above the extent of a dministrative and other skills which are of significance for the subject and duties of the position will be taken into account. Administrative skills are also demonstrated in developing and managing the activities and staff. Attention will also be paid to the ability to interact with the surrounding community and to inform the public about research and developmental work and capacity to cooperate with others will be considered. More information can be found in the University's Guidelines for Recruitment of Faculty , chapter 7: “Guidelines for Qualifications Assessment in Recruiting Teaching Staff”. In this recruitment the University will give priority to the applicant who, after a holistic assessment of competence and skills, is judged, alongside documented qualifications, to possess the greatest potential for performing and further developing the relevant duties and for advancing the subject area. Personal circumstances (such as parental leave) that can be advantageous for applicants in the assessment of qualifications should be included in connection with the presentation of qualifications and experience.

The University strives to attain a more balanced gender distribution among its faculty. As the majority of faculty members at the level of professor are men, the University especially encourages women to apply for this Chair.

Information about the position may be provided by
Eva Hellman,
Head of Department,
phone number +46 18 471 2694
( Eva.Hellman@teol.uu.se ).

Union representatives are
Anders Grundstrom, SACO-rådet, phone number +46 18-471 5380,
Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST, phone number +46 18-471 1996, and
Stefan Djurström, SEKO, phone number +46 18-471 3315.

Application process :
A pplications must be written in English or Swedish and include the following documents in three hard copies :
  • an account of academic activities and teaching experience (CV),along with copies of grades, diplomas, certificates and otherdocuments referred to. The portfolio of teaching qualifications mustbe set up in a manner that makes it possible to assess the quality of these qualifications. The portfolio should contain course evaluations and quality judgements from the director of studies or corresponding.
  • a brief summary of academic, teaching and other activities,including a short discussion of which survey, results and achievementsthat the applicant deems relevant for the appointment. Starting pointfor the summary should be the University's Guidelines for Recruitmentof Faculty , chapter 7: “Guidelines for Qualifications Assessment inRecruiting Teaching Staff”. Personal circumstances (such as parental leave) that the applicant deems relevant should be indicated in the resumé of qualifications and experience.
  • a list of academic and teaching-related works being brought to bear. Among these, applicants must indicate a maximum of ten publications or other works that are to be considered as primary.
  • a brief policy statement of what the applicant intend to do to develop research and teaching primary regarding the New testamentexegesis but also regarding interdisciplinary cooperation within the Faculty of Theology.
  • publications (no more than 10) numbered according to the publications list as described above, in three separate packages (these can not be sent by e-mail).
  • in this recruitment procedure, the Appointment Committee may make use of interviews, trial-lectures and referees. The applicant shouldtherefore submit a list of referees well-acquainted with the applicant's professional accomplishments and capacities as well as personal qualities that may be of relevance for the position, e.g. his or her ability to co-operate with others, leadership skills and working methods.
Applications, marked with log number UFV-PA 2009/168, must be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University and must reach the postal address:
P.O. Box 256,
SE-751 05
fax +46 18-471 20 00,
e-mail registrator@uu.se .
by September 15, 2009 .

Applications sent by fax or e-mail must be followed by a signed original not more than one week after the deadline for applications. The Uppsala University Hiring Ordinance and Guidelines for Hiring Teachers are available on the home page:
http://info.uu.se/internt.nsf/regelsamling and www.personalavd.uu.se/anstordning


Sceptics 不肖生 said...

I think soon, wont see KY in STM anymore,,,,so if want to study, must come to stm quikly,,,or else see KY in sweden...

anthony said...

read fine print - must be conversant in swedish within 2 years to take part in meetings!!!

Kar Yong said...

Dear Sceptics,
LKY has no place to go.....He will still be in STM...

Plus - LKY's language skills are terrible - he can't even speak Cantonese after living in KL for almost 20 years - so you think he will learn Swedish in 2 years? Nah...

Kar Yong said...

Rabbi is right - how to learn swedish in 2 years in order to understand it in meetings? Impossible for LKY. He still can't speak Chinese fluently after 2.5years in STM...Haha