Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Work Progresses at Tyndale

I was hoping to go full swing yesterday, but I guess the engine needed some time to warm up (especially in the unusually cold November in England!). So I did not manage to get much work done yesterday. But nonetheless, this morning has been rather productive - been reading a number of books on the temple imagery in both the OT and NT. So, this is how my desk currently looks like in Tyndale House.

I am a bit more persuaded that Paul's use of the temple imagery in the Corinthian correspondence is not simply sporadic, but constitutes a deliberate attempt in creating Christian identity in Corinth. I will blog more about this when my mind is clearer on this subject matter.

I've just managed to locate an online 2008 PhD thesis done by Timothy Wardle at Duke University on "Continuity and Discontinuity: The Temple and Early Christian Identity". It would be good to interact with Wardle and see how he argues for the use of the temple imagery in the creation of Christian identity.

So it's back to work now!


anthony said...

desk facing the garden (not main road)? how's renovation progress in tyndale? finished?

Alex Tang said...

sigh! How I wish I am there doing research and writing too. Have fun. Enjoy.

Kar Yong said...

Hi reb,
Yes, desk facing the garden. Incidentally, this is one of the desks I used in one of my previous visits!

Renovations have not started yet.

Kar Yong said...

Hi Alex,

I also sigh...as I only have 5 weeks. I wish I have more time. If I were teaching in the West, my sabbatical is due already, and I could be spending 6-8 months working on my book. As it is...I don't even know when I can have my sabbatical!

Anyway, I am thankful that at least I have 5 weeks - better than none!

I will surely have fun in Cambridge, except the cold...