Friday, 8 January 2010

Churches Attacked in Malaysia

Metro Tabernacle in Desa Malawati was being tourched last night. Another church in Petaling Jaya was reported to be attacked but the homemade explosive device failed to explode. Read the news report by clicking on the following links:

Photo from Malaysian Insider

Malaysian Church Firebombed.

Malaysian Insider - KL Churched Torched

Malaysian insider - Fire Attack Failed

Malaysian Insider - Security Tightened

3 Malaysian Churches Attacked

The Star Online


blogpastor said...

Welcome back Kar Yong!
The churches attacked were of different denominations: charismatic, Catholic, brethren. Seems intentionally so?

Kar Yong said...

Thanks, Kenny.

Now it also includes a Lutheran church.

sp lim said...

Latest one - an Anglican church in Taiping, a Baptist church in Melaka. Not sure what denomination is the Miri one. Getting very inter-denominational. Who's next?

sp lim said...

Breaking news - The 8th church to be attacked. A SIB church in Seremban.

Kar Yong said...

Hi SP,
Thanks for the update. So we now have Catholic, Brethren, AG, SIB, Baptist, Anglican, Lutheran. Looks like all major demonimations are affected.