Thursday, 11 February 2010

Coffee....that's life!

Despite his busyness, the budding NT scholar still finds time to chill out with friends. A few weeks ago, together with my partners-in-crime, we checked out Espressamente-Illy at Pavilion for a real Italian brew. If only there is a Espressamente-Illy Cafe in Seremban, perhaps I might consider having some of my smaller sized classes there, just like what we did at Starbucks.


野草 said...

may i join? just for the coffee, not class...hehe

Isaac said...

STM really should consider one la..where is the cafe that had been promised to us? hahaha

Kar Yong said...

Is the meaning lallang?

Yes, you are welcome to join in just for coffee :-)

Kar Yong said...

You run for student president and set up one cafe la!