Tuesday, 19 February 2008

BibleWorks Classroom Tips # 11 & 12

The folks at BibleWorks continue to amaze with additional classroom tips.

Tip 1.11: Typing and Display of Hebrew
Searching, taking notes or developing assignments may call for typing in Hebrew. This Classroom Tip offers some tips for working with the Hebrew font and text display in BibleWorks.

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Tip 1.12: Using the Graphical Search Engine
The Graphical Search Engine (GSE) is a powerful search engine that can perform many searches that cannot be done on the Command Line. In this Classroom Tip we will use the GSE to search for occurrences of the specific location in a clause of a postpositive word (GAR) in the Greek New Testament. How many times does GAR appear in the second and third position in the clause? Does it ever appear in the fourth position?

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