Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Congratulations: Another PhD in the Faculty

From left: Rev Dr Ezra Kok, Rev Dr Philip Siew and myself, extending our congratulations to Rev Dr Tan Jin Huat

Heartiest congratulations to Rev Dr Tan Jin Huat, our Academic Dean. We have just received news that Jin Huat has passed his PhD from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK.

We are very glad to have another Doctor added to the faculty of STM. We believe a celebration dinner is in order (and of course paid by Jin Huat)!


Alex Tang said...

That is a great news. We need many more PhDs. Please extend my congratulations to Jin Huat.

Paul said...

Yes indeed. Congratulations to Dr. Tan Jin Huat!! A little sad for MBS but very happy for the Malaysian church :-)

Kar Yong said...

Dear Alex and Paul,

I've converyed your wishes to Jin Huat.

Paul, I think MBS over the last couple of years have also recruited sevaral faculty members with doctoral degrees.

Paul said...

MBS has added new PhD lecturers? But not for the English dept as far as I know. From their home page, it is still ...

Rev. Dr. Eddy Ho, Dean
Ms. Allison Lee
Rev. Loh Soon Choy
Pastor Hilmy Nor
Mr. Peter Rowan

Most are visiting lecturers

Kar Yong said...

Hi Paul,

While it may not be lecturers with PhD, the Chinese Dept has recruited several with DMin, and I understand Dr Tony Lim (D Min) will begin teaching in this coming April in the English Dept.

Paul said...

Nice to know that MBS's English department will be having a new full time lecturer soon

Many guest lecturers are good but I rememeber that when I was a full time student I hated the rush where all is crammed into a few days and then working on assignments etc. And in the process there were things I wanted to ask the lecturer etc - he/she has laready left. Bad for personal interaction and time for deeper reflection...