Monday, 15 December 2008

Economic Downturn Hits Non-Profit Organisations

Over the last couple of weeks, I have lost count of the number of emails I received from non-profit faith-based organisations from the United States appealing for donations to cover the current year operating deficit. These emails are not really "spam mails" or unsolicited emails, for I subscribed to news updates from these organisations. A couple of these emails sounded really desperate.

The present economic downturn does not spare anyone. While I was in Singapore recently, I also took the opportunity to visit several churches, and the message from the pulpit centred around how to faithful in bad times, how to deal with the financial crisis, etc. Looks like churches in Singapore are bracing for the turbulent times ahead too.

What about Malaysia? The recent November-December issue of Berita NECF published by the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia also addressed the issue of global financial crisis, providing some reflections for both churches and individuals.

When it hits our pocket, we suddenly feel the pain. We suddenly fell desperate. And suddenly, there are avalanche of resources providing guidance of how we could sail through these hard times.

But when it comes to the suffering of the poor, the downtrodden, the outcasts, and the marginalised, such news never receive the airtime they deserve. We don't feel the pain. We don't feel desperate. And the church sometimes choose to remain silent.


davinci said...

yes, we need such economic downturn to awaken the church goers, especially the ppl who embrace prosperity gospel..

Kar Yong said...

Dear Davinci,

I think you are right - hence I like what NECF says about putting our heart into charity during this difficult times.