Tuesday, 14 September 2010

5 Annoying Questions My Fellow Malaysians Ask

There are many things I like being a Malaysian. But there are many things I particularly dislike about Malaysians, especially in the way questions are being thrown at me.

Let me just highlight 5 questions that are most frequently asked that I find rather annoying and tasteless, to say the least.

1) What is your salary like?

2) Why are you still single? Do you want me to recommend someone for you?

3) How much is your house worth now? Wah...that means you are very rich!

4) How much did you pay for this or that?

5) How much royalty did you receive for your book? Since your book is so expensive, you must be very rich, right or not?

What are some of the questions you have been asked frequently by your fellow Malaysians that you think would make it to the Most Annoying Questions My Fellow Malaysians Ask?


Alex Tang said...

Did you put on weight?

Sze Zeng said...

What do you want to do after TTC?

Anonymous said...

Are you called?

Paul Long said...

Are you "anointed"?

Are you "Spirit filled"?

hehehe but to be fair, haven't had those asked of me since I moved to NZ!

pearlie said...

For us ladies, especially during Chinese New Year reunions:
1) When you are not married - when are you getting married?!
2) After you get married - when are you going to be pregnant?!
3) After you get one kid - when are you getting the next one?!
4) When you have more kids - is this enough?!

There is no end.

gokibin said...

Do you guys (Ibans) still live up in the trees and wear loincloth all day long?

Steven Sim said...

what you want to do after your MA in Philosophy? (blank look, inquirer felt guilty then say - well I guess you can be lecturer rite?).

Many times, I really wanted to say, no, I want to lead the UN. :D

Steven Sim

blogpastor said...

Why isn't the church growing?

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John Ster said...

1. Speech:
- Why you talk cock ah? (when all you're doing is speaking a full sentence in proper English, and not 3-4 word lines of Manglish like a little illiterate kid)
- Why your accent/voice like that? You showing off is it? (everyone speaks differently you idiot!)

2. Studies
where you learn this from? (as if they don't know!)
which book taught u this? (as if they don't know!)
What made u want to read this one? (is it wrong!)
Why so kiasu ah? (what's wrong with studing!)
Why u study so hard 1? (when all u did is open the first page, and they finished the book 3 times!)
- Can you give me all your notes? (why don't you make your own notes, idiot!)

3. Common sense:
- How you know this?
- Who taught you this?
- From where you learn this? Tell la!! Why so kiasu one!

4. Wealth:
- Why you bought this?
- How much you pay for this?
- You dam rich ah?

5. Personal style:
- Why you walk like that?
- Why you wear this?
- Why so sombong?
- Why you smiled the other day?
- Why I see you talk to this fellar? He big lanjiao la yor! (you're a bigger cibai, idiot!)
- Why you wear this?

In short, I do find Malaysians to be extremely annoying and immature in general. Wake up and smell the coffee! If you feel insecure about yourself, don't try and push your troubles onto others by asking such stupid nosey questions which you know is intrusive and disrespectful. Malaysia won't change until you change.
Also, stop comparing yourself to others! Live and let live!

And if people stand up to you, don't be an idiot and try and bitch about them and get everyone to turn against them..look inside yourself and see if you change your ways, and overcome your insecurities..you would be doing both yourself and the other person a favour!