Thursday, 23 September 2010

Some reflections....

Sometimes we think that people left a particular church and move on to another because they have issues with themselves. But we forget that they left precisely because of us who are pastors or leaders. Sometimes people left not because of the things we do. They left because of the things we fail to do.


Alex Tang said...

The failure of Church leaders and pastors to meet the felt and real needs of their congregation may be a major contributing factor to the increasing hemorrhaging of members from their churches. This is an issue that needed to be faced squarely rather than be dismissed by a pastor whom I heard recently, "If they want to leave, let them leave!"

There is a place for exit interview and analysis and reflection on these interviews. Unfortunately, in many churches, people are missing and not missed.

Paul Long said...

The church as a whole too needs to play their part ... how often people fall through the cracks because not enough people are willing to do simple things like speaking to those outside their clique, or welcoming visitors - beyond a "hi. what is your name"

maybe said...

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SF said...

Here in Australia I constantly hear how Christians - committed Christians who love the Lord and see leaving the local church as the very last resort - leave their churches. The reasons often include:

The church is too big and I can no longer get to know people.
It's not a community - it is, rather, a feel-good social club.
The teaching is too dogmatic.
The people are judgmental.
I have been hurt by the pastor.

As I get to know these people, I realise that there is at least an element of truth in what they say. (In many cases I find myself agreeing with them totally.) I am reluctant to blame their churches though, knowing that often they are trying hard to juggle between many things. But I think there is much need for soul searching.

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