Monday, 22 November 2010

Online Redefined?

I had the following conversation with someone a few months ago, discovering that a simple word like "online" can mean different thing to different people.

Me: I am asking this on behalf of someone who would like to sign up for a class. You mentioned that I can sign up online. But I don't seem to be able to do it.

A: You can sign up the class online - just go to our website

Me: But I have checked the website, there is no facility for me to sign up online.

A: Yes, you can do it online. Try again.

Me: But I have just checked it again - your website doesn't have that option.

A: Yes, we do. Aiyah - you don't know how to do it online ah. Let me explain. First, go online to our website. Download the form which is in PDF into your computer. Then you print out the form and fill it the details. After that, you fax the form to me. So simple.

Me: .............


Anonymous said...

obviously this is a new term for online sign ups. LOL.

gokibin said...

I noe this... hahahaha...

Paul Long said...

Interesting - seed for a sermon illustration one day?

bbonnar said...

What is online?!

trinadh said...

It's a reflecton of the day.At times we must live in our world.
Now,even the registration to
even attend a class has to be done
online.Be straight-forward and
talk face-to-face

chelsea said...

Cool post!

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