Sunday, 22 March 2009

Bart Ehrman Debates with Pete Williams

NT scholar Bart Ehrman was in the UK over Christmas 2008 to visit family and promote his book "Whose word is it?", the UK edition of "Misquoting Jesus". In it he calls into question the authority of the New Testament, claiming that scribes have deliberately changed the documents over time.

Premier Christian Radio interviewed him on January 3, 2009 on its programme, 'Unbelievable', and invited Peter Williams, Warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge, to an hour-long debate with him.

The debate focused on the question ‘Do we have the original writings of the New Testament?’ Peter Williams argued that Bart's prognosis about the reliability of the New Testament is far too pessimistic. He agreed that scribal errors have occurred, but they are accidental changes and the original reading is almost always obvious and confirmed by large numbers of manuscripts.

The debate can be heard online by clicking here.

It is also worthwhile to check out Sze Zeng's blog where he highlighted the debate between Bart Ehrman and Dan Wallace.

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