Friday, 16 October 2009

Graduation Week

It's been a busy week, running from one event to another in the seminary since yesterday. We had the commissioning service for the graduating students yesterday morning, and this is followed by the rehearsal for the graduation service. Then in the evening, it was the graduation dinner, attended by more than 500 guests and family of graduating students and the seminary community.

Commissioning service

Graduating dinner

Today, we had our 27th graduation service where we witnessed 63 students receiving their degrees from the Rt Rev Ng Moon Hing, Bishop of the Anglican Church of West Malaysia, who is also the President of the Seminary Council.

Next week, I would be working on my office makeover and attending the faculty annual evaluation and planning retreat.


Sceptics 不肖生 said...

sir, how many graduated from english, and from chinese dept?

思问者 said...




Kar Yong said...

hi Sceptics,
I did not do an actual count, but it should approximately 50-50.