Friday, 2 October 2009

Medical Doctor's Musings on Theological Education

Alex Tang has begun posting a series of reflections on theological education, ranging from issues related to the need for learning original language, content of theological education, and spiritual formation. By knowing Alex, I strongly suspect there will be more to come (and I do look forward to Alex's observations).

It is interesting to read Alex's reflections - as he is not a "seminarian" or a "professional theological educator" per se, but a medical doctor whose hobby has driven him to complete his PhD in spiritual formation recently. I have always welcome observations from "outsiders" into the enterprise of theological education - they are the ones that often give the most insightful comments.

I will respond to Alex's musings when time permits. I think Alex has hit the nail on its head with some of his observations (although I might have to take issue with his comment on learning biblical languages - I think the problem of learning biblical languages for seminarians is not whether we need it or not, but the pedagogical method that we are currently using in teaching these languages may be outdated - but more on this later)

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Alex Tang said...

Hi Kar Yong,

Thanks for this post. I look forward to your comments. I also welcome comments from others. I accept anonymous posting if you are worried that your lecturers or institutions is reading. However I reserve the right to moderate anonymous posts.