Saturday, 20 October 2007

BibleWorks Classroom Tip #7

BibleWorks has just realeased another classroom tip. This latest tip demonstrates how words that appear more than 50 times or more in the Greek New Testament can be generated.

"You can use the search and text marking tools in BibleWorks to produce graded reading assignments or translation exercises. This tip will allow you to easily display the words of a higher frequency range in contrast to lower frequency words in the Greek New Testament."

"In this Classroom Tip you will use the Word List Manager to produce a list of all the words from the Greek New Testament that appear 50 times or more. You will then use this list to conduct a search of the Greek New Testament for each of these words in the Graphical Search Engine. You can then use the Color Selection Window to highlight each high frequency word in bold in the BNT version by using the results of your previous search."

Sounds interesting? Read how you can generate a list of words from the GNT that appear 50 times or less by reading the rest of the article here.

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