Saturday, 20 October 2007

STM 25th Graduation Dinner

The campus is now bursting with activities, getting ready for the 25th Graduation Service today. In a few moments, guests and graduands will be arriving. Further update will be provided soon.

Last night, we had our 25th Graduation Dinner at a local restaurant where approximately 500 guests attended for a time of celebration and thanksgiving.

Phuong (standing, right) is from Vietnam. She is from my pastoral group and is graduating with M. Div. She will be retuning home to serve the body of Christ in Vietnam. I wish you Divine's blessings in your life and ministry. We are proud of you.

To all our graduands, I wish God's abundant blessings in your ministry.


pearlie said...

Maybe I'll make it for the 30th ;)

Kar Yong said...

Well, Pearlie, you can make it for STM's 30th anniversary as the year of your graduation - 2009!!