Sunday, 7 October 2007

Two More BibleWorks Tips

BibleWorks has just released two more classrooms tips which are reproduced below (for earlier post on more tips previously released, click here). Check these out.

Tip 1.5: Using Tabs Effectively

The BibleWorks Search Window contains 12 tabbed Search Windows. The tabs provide a way to switch rapidly between study contexts without losing the previous context. The tabs can also function as an instruction tool for proper word study method.

In this Classroom Tip we will provide strategies for setting up and using the tabs in the classroom and in your study. We will also show how to save your tabs configurations for future use and distribution to other BibleWorks users. Included are links to saved context files that you can download and use in your classroom.

Tip 1.6: Working Quickly on the Command Line

One of the benefits of BibleWorks is its great speed, not only in its rapid searches, but in how fast and easy it is to perform your most common tasks. One of the keys to working quickly in BibleWorks is using shortcuts on the Command Line.


pearlie said...

Kar Yong,
If I want to generate a list of words, would it be possible in BW7? For example, all names in the OT, or women's name in the NT, or name of places, etc. I need to have a list of all women in the NT and the references so I can look them up. Thanks!

Kar Yong said...

Hi Pearlie,

I am not sure what is the best way to go about this. You can generate a list of feminine noun - but this will give you all feminine nouns and not only female names.

Why not throw your question in the bibleworks forum? Someone should be able to get back to you. Go to

pearlie said...

Great! I just did that - will keep you updated if anything.

BTW, I just found out that I can do a filter in the flashcard, but no proper nouns filter.

pearlie said...

I couldn't believe it. I really thought I was asking too much but it can actually be done! However, since it is a proper name filter, names of places will be included as well but it is better than nothing.

Check it out here

Kar Yong said...

Great to hear this! The power of BibleWorks.