Friday, 5 October 2007

Indian Thanksgiving Service in Chapel

One of the real blessings of STM is the multi-racial community in which we are able to celebrate the diversity in the body of Christ.

This is reflected in yesterday's Chapel service where our students of Indian origin took charge. They transformed the Thanksgiving Service into a colourful and unforgettable experience.

It did not end there. The Indian students also went the extra-mile by serving the community banana leaf rice for our community lunch after the chapel service.

I always look forward to services that remind us of the diverse community we have in STM - we are different and yet we share one common purpose and destiny in life and ministry. We speak different languages and practise different culture but yet we are drawn to one another through the love of Christ. This is one richness we should celebrate and be thankful for.

For the cultural diversity in STM community, see my earlier post, "Celebrating our Cultural Heritage in Chapel."

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