Friday, 11 January 2008

New Hermeneia Commentary on Mark

Ausburg Fortress announces a new publication:

"Adela Collins's long-awaited commentary on the Gospel of Mark fulfills and even surpasses the highest expectations. It demonstrates the scholarly expertise and sound critical judgment we have come to expect from this expert on Jewish apocalyptic and Greco-Roman literary culture. This book will now be the definitive resource for historical-critical reading of the Gospel of Mark."—Karen L. King, Harvard Divinity School

In the newly released Hermeneia Volume Mark: A Commentary, Professor Adela Yarbro Collins brings to bear on the text of the first Gospel the latest historical-critical perspectives, providing a full treatment of such controversial issues as the relationship of canonical Mark to the "Secret Gospel of Mark" and the text of the Gospel, including its longer endings.

She situates the Gospel, with its enigmatic portrait of the misunderstood Messiah, in the context of Jewish and Greco-Roman literature of the first century. Her comments draw on her profound knowledge of apocalyptic literature as well as on the traditions of popular biography in the Greco-Roman world to illuminate the overall literary form of the Gospel.

The commentary also introduces an impressive store of data on the language and style of Mark, illustrated from papyrological and epigraphical sources. Collins is in constructive dialogue with the wide range of scholarship on Mark that has been produced in the twentieth century. Her work will be foundational for Markan scholarship in the first half of the twenty-first century.

Adela Yarbro Collins is Buckingham Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. She has written numerous books on ancient Judaism and Christianity.

Order your copy today!


Jack Said said...

wowww...USD80, that's a bomb, to me at least.

Wait till the paperback/softcover version comes out lah.

But it'll be interesting to have a peep... : D

Mark is always so mysterious because to me, it's so raw and "unadulterated", so, so, primitive, representing a very early line of christian thought, as though coming out of the apostle's own dictation...hahahaha...did i just reveal my stance on its priority?

Welcome back Mister! Glad you have a long break.


Kar Yong said...

Hi Jack,

Thanks - had a very good break. Will post some pics shortly.

Problem is that the Hermeneia series are only available in HB - this means the price will never come down.

It is a BIG bomb to me - how to justify paying US$80 for a commentary? As such, I am waiting for a kind soul to buy me the commentary, if there is one out there....No, this is not a hint! Haha :-0

sp lim said...

Good news is the ringgit has been strengthening against the greenback. Less than RM3.3 to USD1 now. Some expect it to hit RM3.1 year end. Still USD80 plus postage charges may set you back by at least RM300.

Don't see the prices of books in the local bookstore dropping soon but sometimes you are able to get a good bargain. Jack got a copy of Henry Kissengers' memoirs at RM9.90 recently.

Recently I bought a copy of William Wiberforce's biography, hardcover, easily over 800 pages at RM39.90. It's new, just published last year I think. Heard of BookExcess located at Amcorp Mall?

Kar Yong said...

Hi SP,

Yes, there are some good bargains out there - just need to look for it. The CBD closeouts is another good source. I bought 10 good books for less than US$60 just before Christmas!

Yeah, heard about the bookstore in Amcorp Mall, but have not been there yet.

Hope the ringgit continues to strengthen against the greenback - that would make purchase from Amazon a little bit easier on the pocket