Monday, 7 January 2008

Tyndale Fellowship Biblical Theology Study Group 2008

Tyndale Fellowship Biblical Theology Study Group 2008

July 9-11: Theme: The Significance of Exodus Themes for Biblical Theology


As the second book of the Bible, Exodus contains a rich variety of concepts and themes that contribute towards the shaping of ancient Israel and the NT church. From the Passover, with its emphasis upon redemption, atonement, purification and sanctification, to the tabernacle which underlines the earthly presence and holiness of God, the book of Exodus introduces ideas that enrich the whole corpus of Scripture. From the divine deliverance of the enslaved Israelites to their acknowledgement of God as their sole sovereign, the book of Exodus provides in micro-story a paradigm of God’s salvific activity that mirrors the macro-story of the whole Bible.

The Study Group invites papers for 2008 that explore further the significance of Exodus for Biblical Theology. In general we are looking for papers, short or long, that either start with a particular book or section of the Bible and explore the presence of a theme or themes linked to Exodus or start with an Exodus theme and explore its use in the rest of the Bible. However, we are open to alternative proposals. Please send proposals to Dr Keith Hacking by 14th February 2008 at the following email address

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