Monday, 14 January 2008

Swiss Vacation Highlight #2

The hotel where we stayed in Grindelwald

One the highlights of my Swiss Christmas vacation is the great opportunity to catch up with close friends. The fellowship we shared particularly over Christmas dinner in the Alps resort in Grindelwald is simply unforgettable.

Christmas Dinner with the Tan family and friends

It was a joy to be able to spend some days with Dr Tan Kang San, the Head of Mission Studies at Redcliffe College, England. Loun Ling, Kang San's wife, also works in Redcliffe and is the person instrumental in putting together a brand new graduate programme, MA in Asian Studies. This new MA will be offered beginning September 2008. My friend who hosted me is also a part-time student at Redcliffe College. So it was really nice to be in the company of missions scholars and student. One can only imagine the kind of conversation that went on around the table occasionally. For a moment, this budding NT scholar felt like a "minority" amongst mission-minded people!

Top of Europe!

On Christmas Day, we went up Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe. Our good Lord was exceptionally kind to us by blessing us with perfect weather - clear sunny day! It was simply awesome. I'll let the photos do the talking!


Alex Tang said...

I went up the Jungfraujoch once. My wife said I turned blue and she had to resusitate me with chicken soup! Must be the attitude.

keropok lekor said...

attitude or altitude? :)

Kar Yong said...

Hi Alex, mean chicken soup can change the attitude? Medically proven? Wow...I better start serving it to my students. :-)

Perng Shyang said...

What's a nice scene there! But it was nicer to meet up with good friends there!

Alex Tang said...

hi keropok lekor, both I think :)

Kar Yong, if feeding them chicken soup does not work, you can always baptise them with it.

Kar Yong said...

Hi Alex,

I shall try what you suggested - we have plenty of chicken soup for lunch almost everyday in the seminary! Let's hope I can still keep my job.

Kar Yong said...

Perng shyang,

That's why all of plan to meet up in Switzerland - and have the best of both worlds!