Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Day of Prayer and Fasting - 2: Stations of the Cross

Part of the seminary tradition in helping the community to commemorate the Holy Week is the setting up of the stations of the Cross. This year, all the 14 pastoral groups participated in this activity. Lots of time, energy and efforts have been put in by the students. Coupled with creative minds, some of the stations of the Cross are very provocative, causing many to pause and reflect on the journey of Jesus to the Cross of Calvary and what it means for us to be his followers as we struggle to live out our faith as minority within a predominantly Islamic context.

My pastoral group is responsible to put together the station depicting the crucifixion of Jesus. We decided that we would use symbols and images to highlight the event. As a result, the students put together a wooden cross on the floor, with a hammer and several nails being displayed next to it.

With the help of a couple of friends holding the nail and the hammer, a person was able to lie down and experience what it meant to be nailed to the cross.

To help us in our reflection of and meditation on the crucifixion of Jesus, we played the song by Ray Boltz, Feel The Nails. This is a very powerful and moving song. Listen to it, and allow the song to challenge us to love our Lord deeper and to have the courage to follow him in his steps. So come and see, feel, experience, and reflect on the way of our Lord to the Cross.

Lord, may we have this desire to follow after you closely, this courage to stand firm in our devotion to you, and this commitment to remain faithful to you, always. Amen.

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