Sunday, 2 March 2008

How to Get Research Published in Journals

Ashgate has just announced the publication of How to Get Research Published in Journals, Second Edition by Abby Day ($49.95/£25.00).

"Now in its second edition, this internationally best-selling book has been revised and updated. It focuses on helping people overcome some of the most common obstacles to successful publication. Lack of time? An unconscious fear of rejection? Conflicting priorities? In this, the first book to address the subject, Abby Day explains how to overcome these obstacles and create publishable papers for journals most likely to publish them.

"She shows how to identify a suitable journal and how to plan, prepare and compile a paper that will satisfy its requirements. She pays particular attention to the creative aspects of the process. As an experienced journal editor and publisher, Dr Day is well placed to reveal the inside workings of the reviewing procedure - and the more fully you understand this, the greater the chance that what you submit will be accepted and published.

"For academic and research staff, in whatever discipline, a careful study of Dr Day's book could be your first step on the road to publication."

This book sounds very useful and timely to the budding NT scholar, who is trying to get some of his crazy ideas in print (if he can find the time to do so in the midst of his teaching, supervision of postgraduate students, administrative duties, and having 2 "jobs" at the same time).

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