Sunday, 13 July 2008

SBL International Meeting Day 3: July 8

I have been rather late in posting some reports concerning SBL International Meeting. This is partly due to my tiredness after getting home from the meeting on most days. Plus, being in the thick of winter in New Zealand does not help. Although it is 8pm at night after dinner, my body is already feeling like it is close to midnight.

For the 3rd day of the conference held at University of Auckland, I decided to attend the session organised by Catholic Biblical Association in the morning. The good news was that there were only 2 papers presented. As such, we had more time to interact with the papers. Instead of the usual 30 min, we had about 45 min for each paper.

The two papers were presented by 2 established NT Catholic scholars:

Mary L. Coloe, Australian Catholic University
John 1:51 - 2:13: The Missing Pentecost

Francis J. Moloney, Salesians of Don Bosco
The Structure and Theology of Mark 15:1-47

I went for a couple more morning sessions and 3 afternoon sessions. They were not very exciting, at least for me. Anyway, I would not complain. The 2 papers by Mary Coloe and Francis Moloney contained much information to ponder over for the next few days.

Oh, by the way, I think Pearlie will like the chiastic structure presented by Moloney in his paper!

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