Thursday, 17 July 2008

SBL International Meeting, Day 5: Speaking to A Small Group

On Day 5 of the SBL International Meeting, the highlight was the opportunity to meet up with a small group of Asian students studying at the University of Auckland (well, one or two have already graduated).

I was invited by CW to speak to a group of his friends at his place. I was given the topic, "Paul's understanding of the mission of the cross of Christ and its implication on our Christian life" in this mid-winter Christmas party talk (well, Christmas comes early in New Zealand). I shared from Paul's mission in Corinth and showed some slides from my 2 previous trips to Corinth.

CW did a good job in organising this event. He is a good cook as well, preparing a sumptuous meal for all of us, and the best apple crumble that I have ever tasted.

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