Sunday, 7 September 2008

JB Wesley Methodist Camp and My 10th Anniversary

Last weekend, I was away in Desaru speaking at the Johor Bahru Wesley Methodist Camp. It was a great weekend away for several reasons:

  • It was our nation's 51st Independence Day;

  • It was my first visit to Desaru after 15 years;

  • It was a time for me to remember the spiritual renewal that took place in my journey of faith exactly 20 years ago as an undergraduate studying in Johor; and more importantly for me,

  • It was my 10th anniversary where I traded my promising real estate career with an exciting journey of entering seminary, and thereafter serving in full time Christian vocation.
Hence this trip down to Johor was very nostalgic for me.

I had some time off in the afternoon of August 31 where I explored the resort, walked the beach and spent a moment of quiet reflection on my journey for the last 10 years in serving the Lord. It has been a great 10 years that were full of moments of unspeakable joy; exciting discovery; unexpected outcomes where faith was tested; disappointment and frustrations; and tears and abandonment - and through these moments, I have come to experience the faithfulness of God in my life and ministry.

Here's looking forward to the next 10 years, or, 20 years in the ministry of the Lord (if I can live that long...)


Alex Tang said...

count not the sands of time but of time itself,
fear not the relentless linearity of chronos but embrace kairos, my friend.

Paul said...

10 years? Congratulations and may you have many more years of blesses service

Kar Yong said...

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your encouragement

Kar Yong said...

Hi paul,
Thanks for wishes!

Yee said...

Hi Kar Yong, Iam from WMCJB. Can you pass me a copy of that vcd clip about Mercesdes Benz?

Kar Yong said...

Hi Yee,
How do I pass it to you without any contact? Please drop me a note, and I can be contacted at karyong at stm dot edu dot my.