Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cleaner Earns More!

I have been looking for a cleaner for my house for some time now, just to help out my parents with some cleaning chores. It's been rather difficult to find one, and the average going rate is about RM50-60 for a 3-4hour session. That started me to do some basic calculations. If a cleaner can do 2-3 sessions a day, and works 6 days a week, just imagine how much the potential take home pay can be.

This is a real revelation to me. Imagine a cleaner can earn so much more than a lecturer with a PhD teaching in a seminary!

I wonder whether I am in a wrong profession. Perhaps I should set up LKY Cleaning Services - be my own boss. No, call it Kairos Cleaning Services - timely service with a smile!

The benefits are quite obvious:
  • higher income
  • I could just focus on homes in my neighbourhood - that would mean I can cut down on travelling, tolls, and petrol. Suddenly my real income increases by another RM500.
  • I can sell my car - and save on road tax, insurance and the hire purchase that I currently service. Another RM550 monthly contribution to my real income.
  • more physical activities - that means burning more calories, a sure way to shed the unwanted pounds in my body.
  • oh yes - there are quite a number of expats living in my neighbourhood - perhaps I can just focus on these households - they might just want an English speaking cleaner, and perhaps I can charge a premium for my services
  • no need to prepare for lectures
  • no more marking papers and pulling out my hairs
  • no more complaints from my students about my standards being too "high" and "unachievable" that in turn cause them nightmares
  • and the list goes on

Not a bad idea, ah.....Whack...wake up...wake up...It's just a dream...a wishful dream....nevertheless a dream worth serious consideration...whack again...wake up...wake up...


rccnlj said...

Let's see, you had a revelation.. you sure you're not seeing visions (instead of dreaming)?? *cheeky grin

Kar Yong said...

let's call it "night vision" :-)

Paul said...

Should consider moonlighting this way ... if you are a good cleaner, there is a market! :-)

For me, lots of opportunities and offers to make a lot of easy extra money but .... not my calling.

You could just got and do the cleaning yourself!:-)

Kar Yong said...

Hi Paul,

It's interesting to note that all the cleaning folks I called are Indonesians - and they are so hard to find, and all of them have their schedule full. Have we Malaysians reached a stage where we frown upon menial labour which in turn has become a rather lucrative venture? sure looks like it - look at what a cleaner can potentially earn - double a PhD :-)