Thursday, 9 October 2008

Special SBL Membership Rate

Under the International Coorperation Initiative, the Society of Biblical Literature is now making its full and student membership subscriptions very affordable to scholars and students from countries "with a GDP per capita substantially lower than the average GDP per capita of the USA and the European Union." Malaysia is one country falling into this category.

As such for a Malaysian, a full membership is now only US$15 (normal rate US$65) and a student membership is US$10 (normal rate US$25). To take advantage of this reduced membership rate, one needs to download a special membership form and submit it to SBL.

I would strongly encourage all my students interested in biblical scholarship, particularly those who would like to do further postgraduate studies, to take advantage of this offer and sign up as a member of SBL.

For further information on SBL membership, please click here. For benefits of membership, please click here.

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