Thursday, 2 April 2009

Fancy a High Paying Job as a Pastor?

Sze Zeng blogs about the recent report in the Singapore Straits Times concerning big pay-checks for church leaders there. It is reported that one church leader is paid between S$500,001-550,000 as reported in the church's last financial year report.

Sze Zeng also mentioned that the church is currently hiring. That piece of news got me excited - perhaps I could apply for a higher paying job - finally! But when I checked out the website of the church, I was a bit disappointed. There is no position for NT Scholar or pastor....Looks like I am not needed there!


Paul Long said...

Apply anyway. You never know :-)

Sze Zeng said...

Hey KY, I saw one job which u can try apply there:

But I think u r a bit over-qualified. But if u r keen and dont mind changing diapers for babies. :)

The job:

* Plan and implement activities for appropriate age groups

* Responsible for the overall display in the class

* Meet the physical needs of children through routine care (e.g. bathing, feeding and sleeping)

* Maintain good relationship with parents through regular communication

* Conduct parent-teacher meetings


* Certificate in Pre-school Teaching or Diploma in Pre-school Teaching/Leadership

* At least two years of relevant experience in childcare centres

* Must be a strong team player

* Possess leadership skills to manage assistant teachers

* Must be able to work independently

* Good communication and
interpersonal skills

* Must have a passion to develop and touch young lives

* Resourceful and innovative

Kar Yong said...

Thanks, Paul... :-)

Kar Yong said...

Hi Sze Zeng,
I think I am under-qualified. I don't have pre-school papers and credentials :-)