Saturday, 21 June 2008

Davina Lopez's Apostle to the Conquered

Many new and exciting books are hitting the shelves for the past few weeks - and I have been finding it extremely difficult to keep up with recent NT scholarship.

Another example of an excellent piece of Pauline scholarship is the book by Davina Lopez, Apostle to the Conquered: Reimagining Paul's Mission, published by Fortress Press in March this year.

In this book, Lopez "combines attention to Roman visual and literary representations of conquered nations with a gender-critical "re-imagination" of Paul's apostleship. The result is a new and more critical perspective on the systematic violence of the Roman Empire, and a renewed understanding of "Paul's politics of the new creation."

The Contents of this book are as follow:

Introduction: The Problem with "the Nations"
The Fate of the Nations in Roman Imperial Representation
Destiny and the Naturalization of Conquest
Conversion, Call, and Consciousness
The Politics of the New Creation
Conclusion: Dislocating Paul's "Universalism"


Perng Shyang said...

Aiya, I want to fast buying book la!

Steven Sim said...

This book looks darn cool. I want!

Haven't been buying books for a while now... no time to read also.

Steven Sim

BK said...

"...I have been finding it extremely difficult to keep up with recent NT scholarship."

I. Howard Marshall apparently said that the beginning of wisdom is knowing what not to read.

Now, if I can only sell off those books I bought just to look pretentiousImeancool...


Kar Yong said...

Perng Shyang,

Don't fast. Just go on a diet, and have a relapse once a while. It's ok.


Kar Yong said...

Hi Steven,

Looks like you have kept yourself very busy since the elections.

Well, this book is really cool....!

Kar Yong said...

Hi BK,

Well....I have been trying to focus on Paul - and not all aspects of Paul and his theology. Even that - it's difficult!

I have not been reading on the latest scholarship in the Gospels....perhaps I am being wise...