Monday, 16 June 2008

New Semester Begins

The campus is alive with activities as the Second Semester begins today. One of the signs that our students have returned to campus is the lack of parking space. The fight with students in securing a parking spot has now begun.

The tradition of the seminary is to begin the second semester with a quiet day with some time for reflection and meeting up with the respective pastoral groups.

The speaker for our Quiet Day this year is Rev Wendy Ching, Academic Dean of Bible College of Malaysia.


Perng Shyang said...

Kar Yong, there are parking lots dedicated for lecturers, so pls fight with students for THEIR parking space!!!


Kar Yong said...

Perng Shayng,
There are no parking lots dedicated for lecturers, only for STAFF!

So have to fight with students over the common parking lots!

Perng Shyang said...

I left out the word "Pls DON'T fight with..."

Parking lots only for staff? Then, come early la!