Monday, 30 June 2008

Theological Interpretation of Scripture

Daniel J. Treier's new book, Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Recovering a Christian Practice, will soon be released by Baker Academic.

Baker provides the description of the book as follows:

"In the wake of the schism during the past two centuries between biblical studies and theology, a new movement has developed, seeking to bridge this modern gap. This hermeneutical movement, which hearkens back to aspects of pre-critical interpretation, has been labeled the theological interpretation of Scripture (TIS) and focuses on the contexts of canon, creed, and church. While the trend is in its infancy, it is rapidly gaining momentum. Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture is the first clear, systematic introduction to this movement for students and nonspecialist scholars. The book surveys the history, themes, advocates, and positions of TIS and seeks to bring coherence to its various elements. The author, Daniel Treier, also explores what he sees as the greatest challenges the movement will have to address in the future, including the interface between TIS and biblical theology, general hermeneutics, and the concept of social location in reading scriptural texts. Woven throughout is a case study on the imago Dei, demonstrating how TIS plays out in theological exegesis. This case study adds to the book's usefulness as a secondary text in hermeneutics courses."

Having been a follower of what is described as TIS above, I am tempted to get hold of this book. I just wish there could be a scheme in which publishers in developed countries could offer genuine scholars from the Two-Thirds world a pricing mechanism where these books are priced according to the affordability and purchasing power of these scholars, rather than a simple conversion of the US$ into the local currency. I am dreaming - as usual....


BK said...

Hi Kar Yong,

I thought you might like to know that an excerpt from this book is available from the Spring 2008 issue of Princeton Theological Review. (The issue is dedicated to theological exegesis, I believe.) I've skimmed through Treier's article, but I don't think I still know exactly what is "theological interpretation of Scripture"!

Kar Yong said...

Thanks, BK, for the link