Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Happy Birthday to Myhomilia

Time flies - I just realised that I have been blogging for slighly more than a year already. I started my presence in the blogsphere on June 3, 2007. So 400 posts later, here's a belated 1st birthday to myhomilia!

Hope all the readers have enjoyed reading my blog, just as I have in blogging.


Alex Tang said...

well done. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope you will continue to blog more in the future.

Happy Birthday, Myhomilia

Tony Siew said...

Congratulations and happy birthday! May your blog continue to prosper. Amazed to know that you are past 400 posts in one year. I don't think I have reached the no. yet. Keep up the good work!!

Kar Yong said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the wishes.

Kar Yong said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for wishes - well, quite a number of my posts are actually "cut and paste" - especially the announcements and Reviews of biblical literature.

Perng Shyang said...

Happy birthday!
I think I started slightly earlier than you, not sure how many post already.
Brother, you have to reveal the challenge that you wrote on my blog, so that I can try to achieve!

Kar Yong said...

Hi Perng Shyang,
I have already revealed the challenge in your blog. So let's go for it!