Sunday, 15 June 2008

Tyndale NT Study Group 2008

The Tyndale New Testament Study Group 2008 will focus on the theme of Perspectives on Peter - Peter and Petrine Writings in History, Tradition, and Theology.

To be held from July 7-9 at Tyndale House, this year's programme includes papers by:
  • Mark Keown (Bible College of New Zealand): “Proclamation of the Gospel in 1 Peter”

  • Rob van Houwelingen (Theological Uni of the Reformed Churches): “The authenticity of 2 Peter: Problems and Possible Solutions”

  • Mark D. Mathews (Durham University): "The Literary Relationship of 2 Peter and Jude Examined Against and Analogy of the Synoptic Gospels”

  • Nijay K. Gupta (Durham University): “A Spiritual House of Royal Priests, Chosen and Honoured: The Presence and Function of Cultic Imagery in 1 Peter”

  • Richard Bauckham (Cambridge): “Jesus and the Eyewitnesses Revisited: Mark and Peter”

  • Tomas Bokedal (Aberdeen University): “Canonical Reception of 2 Peter”

  • Armin D. Baum (FTA Gie├čen / ETF Leuven): “Were the New Testament Pseudepigrapha (including 1 and 2 Peter) Written with a Deceptive Intent?”

  • Tyndale New Testament Lecture: Michael Bird (Highland Theological College): “New Testament Theology Re-loaded”

For details of other Tyndale Study Groups (Old Testament, Philosophy of Religion, Christian Doctrine, Biblical Theology, Ethics and Social Theology, and Biblical Archaeology), please click here. Registration closes June 20, 2008.

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