Monday, 25 August 2008

BNTS Update: Paul Seminar

Finally, the details of the various seminar groups for the upcoming BNTS Conference at Durham is updated. Click here for the links to the papers to be presented in the various seminar groups.

For the Paul Seminar, I am particularly intrigued at the paper to be presented by Dr Paul Ellingworth (Aberdeen). The paper is entitled: '"Nobody Knows de Trouble I Seen": Hardship Lists in Paul and Elsewhere'. According to the abstract, this paper "surveys discussions of Paul's hardship lists from 1910 to 2007; analyzes the lists' distinctive vocabulary and discourse structure; and briefly comments on their christological implications."

I wish I could get hold of Ellingworth's paper as this sounds very similar (at least from the abstract) to Chapter 1 of my thesis submitted in March 2007, and now in the final stages of being revised for publication by T&T Clark.

Apart from the paper by Ellingworth, there is a very interesting joint session with the Acts Seminar on Paul's Damascus Road experience by Dr Barry Matlock (University of Sheffield) from the perspective of the Pauline letters, and Tim Churchill (London School of Theology) from the perspective of Acts. This is followed by a response by Prof Loveday Alexander (University of Sheffield).

The papers by Dr Matlock and Dr Churchill can be downloaded by clicking on the following links.

I wish I could be at Durham this year.....Perhaps my Principal would like to make a trip back to Durham too, his alma mater.

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