Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Koinonia - Zondervan Academic's New Blog

Not wishing to be left behind, Zondervan Academic decides to join other publishers who have in recent months set up blogs as a medium of communication with the wider audience. Zondervan's new blog, Koinonia, was launched on August 2.

In its opening post, Zondervan spells out the aims of the blog: "we want to build real koinonia, community by intimate participation. We think the conversations here, though digital, will impact the community of Christ. They will be appropriate for the academy, church, and coffeehouse."

In order to achieve its objectives, Zondervan has gathered together "some of the most important voices in today’s biblical-theological conversations" as contributors to the blog.

The first installment by my Greek and NT Professor, Dr William Mounce, has already been posted on Monday, August 4 with his insights on the use of genitive in Romans 1:5. Bill Mounce will be a regular on every Monday with a weekly series that focuses on biblical Greek, translation, exegesis, and related issues. Zondervan also promises that Craig Blomberg will be contributing later in the week.

In addition to these conversations, Zondervan is also planning a series of posts that will take potential authors through the entire academic book process, from conception to publication. Hopefully, this will serve as a good introductory guide for authors wannabe like me out there.

So make sure you check out Koinonia. I think I am going to love this blog, and I have already added it to my blogroll.

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