Thursday, 5 February 2009

Kirby Liang Institute for Christian Ethics Newsletter and Conferences

The Kirby Liang Institute for Christian Ethics at Tyndale House, Cambridge has just released its latest newsletter. Click here for the Winter 2009 issue of the newsletter.

KLICE also announces 2 conferences, details are as follow:

“Responding to Secularism: Christian Witness in a Dogmatic Public Culture”
24 April 2009, Tyndale House, Cambridge
10.00am - 5.00pm

- a day conference on mission and contemporary culture co-sponsored with the Gospel and Our Culture Network (


Dr Dominic Erdozain (King’s College, London) on the growth of secularity in modern British culture

Prof John Stackhouse (Regent College, Vancouver) on public engagement in a secularised culture

Rev Dr Andrew Kirk (formerly University of Birmingham) on Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age

Dr Elaine Storkey (TEAR Fund) on responding to the secularist worldview

For further details and booking form click here or contact Tania Raiola on or 01223 566606.


Justice: Rights and Wrongs. A Colloquium”
with Prof Nicholas Wolterstorff (Emeritus, Yale University)

May 21-22 2009 Christ Church, Oxford

Sponsored by the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life
(Oxford) and the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics

Prof Onora O’Neill (British Academy; Philosophy)
Prof Roger Crisp (Oxford; Philosophy)
Prof Timothy Endicott (Oxford; Law)
Prof Julian Rivers (Bristol, Law) (former KLICE Advisory Council Chair)
Dr Bernd Wannenwetsch (McDonald Centre; Theology)
Dr John Perry (McDonald Centre; Theology)

Prof Nigel Biggar (McDonald Centre)
Dr Jonathan Chaplin (KLICE)

KLICE doctoral grantee Joshua Hordern (Edinburgh) will prepare a
precis of the book for conference registrants.

Prof Wolterstorff’s book,
Justice: Rights and Wrongs (Princeton University Press, 2008) presents a distinctively Christian theory of justice and rights and has been hailed by Richard Bernstein (New School for Social Research) as "the most impressive book on justice since Rawls's A Theory of Justice".

This event is the 2009 KLICE Annual Book Colloquium.

McDonald Centre website:

Further details will appear on the McDonald Centre website and the KLICE website soon. For a registration form contact Jonathan Chaplin on 01223 566625 or

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