Monday, 28 September 2009

Doing Theological Research

One of the main struggles for seminarians is doing theological research. This struggle is even more real if one's undergraduate degree is in the fields of science, technology or engineering. I recall one senior engineer, who took my class on New Testament Theology some years ago, gave me his answer in the final exam in mathematical equation formula. I can't remember the exact details but it went something like this:

Kingdom of God = Teaching + Preaching of Jesus = inaugurated eschatology.

As such, I am excited to note that Robert W. Pazmiño has released his latest book on Doing Theological Research: An Introductory Guide for Survival in Theological Education. published by Wipf and Stock. This book is described as follows:

"This concise introductory work explores the essentials of doing theological research and writing. It is a handy companion to assist persons as they begin and pursue theological education. It provides an overview of expectations that both various professors have shared and students have reported over many years as basic wisdom to foster quality theological work. It is a time-tested resource to guide those called to seminary study."

I believe this book should be a necessary addition to the library of all theological students. It could serve as a needful companion to help seminarians navigate through the maze of doing theological research.


Sceptics 不肖生 said...

very true sir,,,but you are also science grad,yet do very well....not easy leh..

recently one MU physics reseacher told me he is doing integration of physics and biblical theology...

He also express truth in equation..

wow! is that inter-disciplin study?

after listening some of his arguments, i told him to go stm to see you , and must initially take up a course in biblical interpretation.

he never knows that there is prescribed way of interpreting the bible.

Kar Yong said...

Well, technically, I am not a science graduate. Property is not really a science degree, but a combination of science and law, land economy, land planning, land development, property taxation, etc. In my working career, I was much involved in property analyst and business development - so my science background is rather negligible.

Physics and bilical theology? That's my good friend, Dr Ng Kam Weng's territory! He used to be doing physics before theology!

Alex Tang said...

Interesting. Robert Pazmiño is an educationalist and teaches Christian education. He is not a theologian. If he can write a book on theological research, maybe there is still hope for me!

Kar Yong said...

Hi Alex,
Yes! There is hope for you, and we would be delighted to hear it from the perspective of a medical doctor!