Sunday, 27 September 2009

Final Weeks of the Semester

We are now into the final couple of weeks of the semester. This means that I have to turn in the grades for our graduating students before the end of the week. As such, marking papers will occupy most of my time for this coming week.

Following this, it will be our graduation week and this is followed by the annual faculty planning retreat in Melaka.

I am looking forward to some rest after all these hectic weeks are over!


Israel Lee said...

would your rest include an hour of preaching at Kepong EFC in October? ;-)

Sceptics 不肖生 said...

I think stm has too many retreats and activities...

that kill so much of your time..and students time

Kar Yong said...

Hi Israel,
Haha...Preaching! I would need another additional week to recover. :-)

Sceptics 不肖生 said...

Hi Ky,

just check,what is address for Sg way christian centre? and their service time?

a friend interest to attend there..tks

I couldnt get it from the net..

Kar Yong said...

Hi Sceptics,
The church is located on the main road in the Sg Way New Village, on SS9A/1, Seri Setia. The service time is 8am.


Sceptics 不肖生 said...

thanks sir,

that is indeed early.... what a brethren tradition,,,