Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Answered Prayer?

It was my turn to speak at the chapel service at 8am this morning. But, at about 7.50am , there was a complete blackout in the entire campus.

In view of my earlier post commenting that STM students always pray fervently for rain at 5pm on every Thursday so that they could be spared of gardening activities (see "God Is So Good...") , someone asked me whether I prayed for blackout this morning so that chapel service could be cancelled, and I could be spared of preaching this morning (well, quite a number of people know that I always struggle in my sermon preparation).

Well, I did not pray for blackout. But if I did pray, it was not an answered prayer. The chapel service continued on as usual, despite the blackout.

By the way, the electricity came back just before chapel ended....Another sense of humour of the Almighty?


pearlie said...

God might have said, "I tried" :) :) :)

Kar Yong said...

perhaps...maybe I am just too blur about the whole thing - could have just stayed away from chapel this morning...less stressful! hahaha