Wednesday, 25 July 2007

New Postdoctoral Programme and Fellowship

According to the announcement from the Department, the "LicDD is being created in order to enhance and strengthen our provision and research excellence in the key areas of the Department’s work. Such key areas include (but are not limited to) Church History, Celtic Studies, Monastic Studies, Systematic Theology, Orthodox Theology, Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, Liturgical Studies, and Marian Studies. While preference will be given to candidates with expertise in the fields of Theology indicated, applications are invited from candidates with a strong research profile in any area of Theology or Religious Studies.

"Applicants for the LicDD must have completed all requirements for their doctoral degree at a recognized institution. We will be glad to accept applications from recent doctoral graduates who do not yet hold a tenured academic position, as well as from established academics who would like to conduct research in Lampeter during study leave.

"On admission, the candidate will be assigned an academic advisor from among the staff of the Department. The candidate will be eligible for the Licence in Divinity (Doctoral) on submission of a completed research project deemed suitable for publication in a refereed journal or esteemed collection of essays. The submitted project will be assessed for its suitability by the candidate’s advisor and one external assessor.

"The candidate will be expected to participate in the academic life of the department and in particular in its research seminar."

This is a very good opportunity for both senior scholars and recent PhD holders. Having studied at Lampeter for 3 years, I highly recommend this programme. Lampeter has a strong and excellent research culture, very supportive and warm faculty members, large and diverse postgraduate student body, and not to mention that the beautiful rural environment is very conducive for carrying out research activities.

Applications should be received no later than 15 August 2007.

A postdoctoral fellowship, in memory of E.W. Hunt is also available for LicDD students.

For further information and how to apply for the postdoctoral programme, click here.


sk said...

Must pay money wan ar?

Kar Yong said...

Not sure bout this - but if you are awarded the E. W. Hunt fellowship, it should reduce the cost significantly

sk said...

I really find it quite strange that people are now awarding nomenclatures for post-doctoral work... where does it end? Just when you think you've got a doctorate degree, suddenly they say it's not the highest degree yet... still got the LicDD! Aiyooo!

Anonymous said...


If a 25 year old without any formal education (not even a theological degree) can now have a Master of Theology, doctorate degree is sure not enough loh...must go and do postdoctoral loh...


Kar Yong said...


Do I know you? Which Jon are you?