Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Pastoral Group

On every Wednesday morning during the semester, STM student community meets in small pastoral groups with the faculty members as part of our spiritual formation exercise.

In my pastoral group, there are local students (from Malaysia) as well as students from the region such as Myanmar and Vietnam.

On one of the Wednesdays, one of our postgraduate students from Myanmar shared about her weekend ministry among the Myanmar migrant workers in the Klang Valley. She gave us insights into the life, struggles, frustrations, and challenges facing the migrant workers in this country.

Migrant workers contribute to the economic growth of Malaysia by involving in many areas of employment shunned by the locals. They are mostly labourers in the plantation and construction industries, manual workers in the manufacturing industry, and maids in the homes of many middle-class families.

Thank you for opening our eyes to the needs of the migrant workers in our very own shores, sharing the stories from their perspectives, and raising our awareness concerning the plight of these workers.

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