Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Survey By NECF: Viewpoint on Theological Education

I have just returned from the one-day National Evangelical Christian Fellowship National Pastors/Leaders Consultation on Nation Building held today, July 31. During the consultation, all the participants were handed out a survey form, asking us whether we agree or disagree with a total of 28 viewpoints on various issues affecting the church.

In light of my earlier post on July 30 where I raised the issue of whether theological education is necessary for pastors/clergy and those in full-time Christian vocation, I am very intrigued to notice that, interestingly, Viewpoint No 20 of the survey states: Experience, maturity and character are more important than formal education. The congregation now takes the place of the seminaries in developing church leaders (emphasis original).

It will be very interesting to analyse the outcome of the survey on how many actually strongly agree, partially agree, strongly disagree, partially disagree, or are indifferent/have no opinion with regards to this viewpoint. Even more curious to know is the correlation between the opinion of the above Viewpoint No 20 and the level of theological education of the respondents be it at the level of diploma, undergraduate, or postgraduate seminary education (all respondents were asked to indicate the level of one's education which includes both "secular" and theological education).

I will be eagerly anticipating the results to be released by NECF, and I hope NECF releases the figures soon. Once analysed, we will know concretely the true stand of the evangelical churches affiliated with NECF on theological education, and whether the comment raised by JJ Wong in my earlier post could be substantiated with evidence.


Tony Siew said...

Hi Kar Yong, Good to know that you attended the NECF consultation. Very interesting to note what you posted and I thought of responding with a comment or two concerning the issue of theological education and Seminaries but turned out that it took me the whole hour of my lunch time to put my thoughts together. I decided that it would be best to post my comments in my blog instead soon.

Kar Yong said...

Hi Tony. Thanks for this. I look forward to reading your thoughts in your blog. So sorry that I missed you when you were teaching in MBS last month. Hope to catch up soon.