Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Advantage of Writer's Block

Just when I thought that I have been progressing rather well with the writing for my second book, it turned out that today is one of those days that no matter how hard I tried, I could not churn out anything meaningful and coherent at all. Instead of trying to push myself harder, I decided to call it a day at about 3.30pm.

So what would I do for the rest of the day? Suddenly, I remembered a partner-in-crime informed me earlier today of a bookstore having a hard-to-resist-30%-discount-sale for most books. So that was it. I did not have to think further, and immediately I jumped on the bus to the bookstore. As a result, I picked up the following 3 books that have been in my Wish List at a real bargain price.

So I have no regrets for having a writer's block today.


Sze Zeng said...

hahaha! So even with writer's block, it's a 'productive' day for you.

Bockmuehl's book is interesting. Another deep studies by this deep writer.

Btw, the word verification to post this comment is 'hatedly'(!)

What's that mean?

Kar Yong said...


"hatedly" as in the description of how you feel when you left your comments - the fact that you are envious of not picking more bargains?


it may describe me as well - wish you hadn't told me about it so I can save some $$

hahah - trying to dig into the authorial intent.

davinci said...

hi, I got the book, narrative criticism by James reseguil...(hard to spell his name)hahaa..

I like his idea of "close reading" but find him not so concise.

I got his another book;"spiritual landscape in Luke".

Do you have books by David Rhoads and Mark Alan Powell?

these two guys are very concise, straight to the point. they make scholarly theology, so easy and fun..

I particularly like , David Rhoads's "engaging mark", a collection of research papers on Mark. interesting!!! lure me into narrative theology..

How yu see David Rhoads?

Sze Zeng said...

hahaha! Probably it's the not authorial but 'blogspot's intent'.

Since u raised it, i think both. I'm envious and wish I had prevented you from spending! :)

BTW, now the word verification is "elydroid".... some "droid" pulak... weird...

Steven Sim said...

Oh, u all just wait, my turn will December!

Steven Sim

Kar Yong said...

Dear Davinci,
Yes, I have both the books by Rhoads and Powell. Rhoads' work is highly engaging and makes very interesting reading.

You will probably like Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching: Reuniting New Testament Interpretation and Proclamation, a volume edited by Joel Green and Michael Pasquarello III, and published by Baker.

Kar Yong said...

Sze Zeng,

Droid - you (opps...blogspot) means that bibliophile like us are droid?? Hahaha

Kar Yong said...


You are only coming down Singapore after I leave. Mana boleh! But hope to catch you in KL, if you have time!

davinci said...

hi KY,

tks for recommending the Joel Green book, I think I could get it thro amazon only?

yes, I preach strictly on narrative passage, very engaging to audience...haha.

Kar Yong said...

hi Davinci,

It depends where you are located. I guess in Singapore, SKS would carry stock. In KL, Canaanland and Sufes would have stock too. But I guess the most convenient is still amazon or

Joel. G said...

hahahaha.... you may give away some old books to me, if not your shelf are flooded in the office.

haiyo.... can't go SG to find you!!

Kar Yong said...

Hi Joel,

I will sell some away in an auction :-) Highest bidder gets to have it!