Thursday, 6 November 2008

My Dream Pulpit

I really like this pulpit...

This cartoon originally appeared in the Church Times and is taken from ‘The Dave Walker Guide to the Church’, published by Canterbury Press


rccnlj said...

rotflol... Yup... it'll be so you.. *grin

Sze Zeng said...

KY, perfect, perfect... alleluai, Praise the Lord...especially for the mini-bar.

What's missing are the 'special effects' buttons and the fog button that control the laser light and releases of fog to dramatize the sermon. If possible add also a button to have the explosion effect where fire gushes out at the pulpit when you utter, "In the name of Jesus! Alleluai"


Kar Yong said...

Hi JW,

I really like the air cond vent!! For someone who sweats a lot, the aircond vent is just heaven sent! I don't have to sweat while preaching!!

I wish there could be a button that opens up the floor below the pulpit - it will then make me disappear as well...(especially after preaching a sermon on the rapture) :-) LOL

Sze Zeng said...

hahahahaha! Oh yea, that's important! :)

pearlie said...

Yea... and for the platform to raise you up out of nowhere as well. And to elevate you as high you wanna go!!

Sze Zeng, haha ... exactly, I was thinking what's missing. Definitely ... fog button, no question about it.