Tuesday, 25 November 2008

How Does A Biblical Scholar Spend His Long Vacation? Book Writing in TTC Singapore - Part 6

Time flies - I have been here in Singapore for 2 weeks already! I have only less than 2 weeks here to put in as much work as possible for my second book project. Now I wish I have more time here.

On last Friday, the library was closed. So that means that I am "forced" to have a day off - something I would not complain. It was nice to have a day off just to refocus on the stuff that I have been working on, and also to have the opportunity to meet up with a couple of friends based in the National University of Singapore.

I also took the opportunity to walk around and explore the campus - here are some photos.

The imposing main entrance to the college, with the symbol of the cross clearly visible from the main road frontage, Upper Bukit Timah Road

The main administrative block

The rock fountain at the courtyard, with the halls of residence and the dining hall at the background

The facade of the library, and the chapel is located on level 4

The chapel


davinci said...

sir, what's your second book regarding? Pauline theology again?

Kar Yong said...

Dear Davinci,
I am working on Paul's use of images/metaphors in the Corinthian correspondence in building up the community and in the creation of Christian identity....so it's something on Paul but not exactly Pauline theology

davinci said...

hi sir,

james reseguie also got a book 'spiritual landscape in Luke". so to him , road, journey, mountain, and etc...are metaphors too...

maybe akin to what you do, but yu do it on Pauline letters...

hope that your 2nd book is targetted at general readers, like the book of James Reseguir, so more ppl could read , and that could make narrative criticism popular in this region.

Kar Yong said...

Dear Davinci,

My second book is at targetted at general audience but hopefully it is also of some use to the acedemia.