Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Snippets of Life of A Faculty Member During the Long Vacation - Part 2

My colleague, the Rabbi, is having a long week this week. I am no less busy than last week. The only comfort that I have is that I will be on leave for the next two days to recuperate, to get ready for my one month research leave at Trinity Theological College, and to take my parents for their several doctors' appointment scheduled for the next two days.

How did my week look like during the seminary's long vacation?

November 3
Interviewed new students for next academic year intake in the morning. This is followed by a celebration lunch hosted by my colleague, Dr Joseph Komar, who recently earned his PhD. This was then followed by a faculty meeting stretching from 2.30pm till 7.15pm. After the faculty meeting, I met up with one of my thesis writing students to discuss his proposal over dinner. To wrap up the day, I had another meeting with a postgraduate student to discuss the direction of his thesis at 9.30pm. I left my office at 1o.30pm.

November 4
Today was a historic day for the seminary. We had our first ever Doctor of Ministry orientation programme from 9am-4pm (I will post some photos in a later post). At 4pm, a newly accepted Master of Theology student came by to see me to work out his study programme. He plans to work on New Testament. Then it was off to dinner with Desmond, Lan Yin and Joel. This was followed by a drink at Starbucks with another student who wanted to return a favour granted to him earlier. Finally retired at 11.30pm.

November 5
It's back to the office today to clear all the administrative work before I head home.

I am so looking forward to my one month research and writing time in Singapore.....

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