Friday, 7 November 2008

NT Position: Regent College, Vancouver

I must say something very interesting caught my attention.

Regent College, an evangelical, international graduate school of Christian studies based in Vancouver and affiliated with the University of British Columbia, invites applications for a position in New Testament studies to begin on September 1, 2009. The candidate will have expertise in Pauline studies. As the faculty ranking of this position is open, the successful candidate may be appointed at the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor.

According to Regent College's website, the selection criteria for this position can be listed as follow:
  • Does the candidate seek to make a significant contribution to writing and teaching in his or her field of study?

  • Does the candidate view his or her expertise as held in trust for the service of the whole Christian church?

  • Does the candidate have direct experience as teacher, researcher, and writer in the pursuit of the purposes for which Regent College exists?

  • Does the candidate subscribe without reservation to Regent College's Theological Position?

  • Is the candidate capable of supervising comprehensive examinations and Master's theses?

  • Does the candidate fully embrace the mission and ethos of Regent College? This includes:
    1. our commitment to provide theological education for the whole people of God
    2. the integration of piety/spirituality with learning and scholarship
    3. our commitment to interdisciplinary studies, especially with relation to faith and culture
    4. our commitment to the development of Christian character within a diverse community.

The search committee will also give serious consideration to the way in which this appointment might foster gender and ethnic diversity on the faculty.

The normal responsibilities of a faculty member at Regent College include a teaching load of five three-credit hour courses per year along with expectations in terms of research and publication, availability to students for counsel and spiritual direction, and participation in faculty work in governance. For more information about Regent College, including our mission statement, please consult the rest of our website, beginning with Regent College's Distinctives and Statement of Faith / Theological Position.

Further information on this position can be found here. The closing date for is January 5, 2009.

With a first class faculty and alumni in over 80 countries, representative of more than forty Christian denominations, Regent College has gained an international reputation for excellence in theological education.


Perng Shyang said...

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Kar Yong said...

Perng Shyang,
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