Friday, 14 November 2008

How Does A Biblical Scholar Spend His Long Vacation? Wet Singapore - Part 4

Since my arrival into Singapore, it suddenly seems that the British wet and gloomy weather has hit this tropical city state. It has been raining quite a fair bit for the past few days (and I have not been able to jog for the past few days). I have a speculative theory why this may be so as I suddenly realised to my horror something rather disturbing (for me) and yet comical (for some of my friends) this afternoon. And I really hope against all hope that my eyes are playing tricks on me....!

The view from the library where I have been seating for the past few days - wet and gloomy!

Book writing is progressing rather well - written about 7,800 words in 3 days. I have finished the bulk of the introductory chapter, and another main chapter. I will blog about my book project in some depth later. Stay tuned!

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Perng Shyang said...

You mean the harimau? Haha! Have fun la!