Friday, 13 February 2009

Library of New Testament Studies, Volume 399

I have just received the proofs for my upcoming book that will be published by T&T Clark in May 2009. So it is official now - my work on Paul's sufferings in 2 Corinthians will be part of the Library of New Testament Studies monograph series(formerly known as the Journal for the Study of New Testament Supplement Series), Volume 399. The book is also featured in the 2008-09 T&T Clark biblical studies catalogue, which can be downloaded here.

With the help of some friends, (Vic Cern, who will be compiling the indexes of Authors and Scripture References; and Sarah and Ruth, who will be checking the accuracy of references), I will be working hard to read the proofs carefully for the final time before it finally goes to the printer. This would keep me very busy for the next few weeks.


davinci said...

Sir, any essential books to recommend on , literary criticism on NT? just check if I miss any...

I notice , usually that kind of books are published by Fortress...?? not T#T clark..??

Kar Yong said...

Let me pick this up in a separate post.