Thursday, 14 June 2007

Chinese Programme at Gordon-Conwell

It is interesting to note that Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is developing a Chinese Language Semlink programme leading to an award of a Chinese-Semlink Diploma. Semlink is the distance learning programme developed by Gordon-Conwell and credits earned through the English Language Semlink programme can be applied to the regular MA or MDiv programmes of the seminary. The courses offered are actual lecturers that are videotaped/recorded.

According to the website, the Chinese-Semlink diploma programme is "designed to train men and women for ministry in Mandarin-speaking contexts in the United States and around the world through an e-learning environment."

"Although not yet offered for degree credit, the diploma curriculum is provided at a graduate level and involves Master of Arts core courses."

Please note that "The application process for Chinese-Semlink diploma students is completely separate from the application process for Gordon-Conwell degree programs."

To qualify for the award of the Chinese-Semlink Diploma, students are required to complete 6 core courses and 2 electives.

The core courses are:
- NT Survey
- OT Survey
- Theology Survey I
- Theology Survey II
- Survey of Church History
- The World Mission of the Church

The electives are:
- Life of Jesus
- Paul and his Letters
- Theology of the Pentateuch
- Old Testament Ethics

For further information on the Chinese Language Semlink programmes, click here and here.

Note also that the fees for students from Asia are heavily reduced. Scholarships are also available (well, that is if my reading of the Chinese version of the website is correct!!).

Is anyone out there interested in the Chinese Language Semlink programme?


keropok lekor said...

It seems that Gordon-Conwell is more sympathetic if not committed to the 2/3 christian world and minority groups, compared to other seminaries in the US.

Kar Yong said...

Dear kerepok lekor,

Yes, i think you are right here. Gordon-Conwell is committed to the minority groups and 2/3 world. There is also a spanish programme in Boston city centre for the Latin American.

I am privileged to be the recipient for the international scholarship programme for my studies there - this is another testimony of the seminary's commitment to train pastors/teachers from 2/3 world.